HVAC Services in Terre Haute, Lafayette, and Crawfordsville, Indiana

You can count on Medcalf Mechanical for all your heating and air conditioning needs in Terre Haute and the surrounding areas. We offer high-quality residential and commercial heating and air conditioning repair and installation services.

Our professionally trained technicians will expertly install new HVAC units, repair old ones, and provide regular maintenance and tune-up services.

Regular Maintenance on your HVAC system

For high-quality performance, it is essential to have your HVAC system regularly maintained by an expert. Annual maintenance services will help make sure your heating and cooling systems are up to par and won’t suddenly break down when you need them most. Medcalf Mechanical’s technicians provide heating and air conditioning tune-ups where we will inspect your systems and keep them working great.

When you perform regular maintenance on your HVAC system, you are extending the life of your system and guaranteeing consistently high performance. By checking your HVAC system for problems on a regular basis, we can fix them before they get worse, effectively saving hundreds of dollars in repairs and even potentially saving your system from needing to be completely replaced. Preventative maintenance is a cost-efficient way to keep your HVAC system running smoothly for longer.

Beyond having a specialist take a look at the technical side of things, you can perform regular maintenance on your HVAC system at home. You should change the filter about once every month, look for signs of clogged filters, and clean the physical unit regularly to keep it in good shape. These simple tasks, along with routine maintenance provided by a professional HVAC specialist, will improve your home’s indoor air quality and keep your HVAC system fully-functional and running smoothly.

Why Choose Medcalf Mechanical

Medcalf Mechanical is a family owned and operated business that is dedicated to helping our customers with their residential and commercial heating and air conditioning problems. Our professionally trained, expert technicians will take care of all your HVAC maintenance and repair service needs. We are proud to offer our high-quality heating and air conditioning services as dedicated HVAC specialists to our customers in the Terre Haute, Crawfordsville, and Lafayette, Indiana areas. If you are interested in any of our services, please call 812-200-9130 or complete our online request form.